mO API Token/OAuth Authentication for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 5.5.0 - 7.16.0, Bitbucket Data Center 5.5.0 - 7.16.0 and more
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Secure Bitbucket REST APIs by authenticating using any OAuth/OpenID/OIDC/JWT Provider instead of insecure basic authentication

Using this app, you can authenticate the Bitbucket APIs using any third party OAuth/OIDC/JWT provider. The app supports Azure AD, Keycloak, Okta, AWS Cognito, Google, Github, Slack, Gitlab, Facebook and any custom provider.

This app solves one of the biggest challenges in SSO enabled applications where users don't know their local account passwords.

Bitbucket only supports API authentication using two methods:

  • Basic Authentication / Personal Tokens
  • OAuth 1.0

Features provided by us:

  • Allows you to disable Bitbucket's basic authentication or OAuth 1.0 authentication
  • One click enable or disable REST API authentication using OAuth 2.0

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API Token and OAuth Authentication is also available for Jira and Confluence

Free with our SAML and OAuth SSO apps

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