Enhance Bitbucket REST API's Security with OAuth/API Token

for Bitbucket Server 5.5.0 - 8.19.4, Bitbucket Data Center 5.5.0 - 8.19.4 and more
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Secure Bitbucket REST APIs by authenticating using any OAuth/OpenID/OIDC/JWT Provider instead of insecure basic authentication

Secure APIs in Bitbucket Server & Data Center

Secure your Bitbucket Data Center/Server REST API using API Tokens instead of passwords

Easiest way to manage your API keys create,revoke & set the expiry time of API keys based on your needs

Also have JWT Token support

Supports API tokens & OAuth Authentication

Protect your SSO environments with OAuth Token while connecting to external scripts,services,apps. We support 10+ OAuth/OIDC providers- Azure,Google,ADFS,Okta. Bitbucket API Key/OAuth Authentication can be set up easily

Outstanding Customer Support (24/7 Available)

24/7 Support for mO Bitbucket API Authentication add-on

Easily integrate scripts in SSO environment using API tokens or 3rd party apps

Free support for end to end app configuration. Contact us to schedule free PoC /demo

More details

Using API Token Authentication app, authenticate the Bitbucket APIs using any third party OAuth/OIDC provider or API Tokens. The app supports Azure AD, Keycloak, Okta, AWS Cognito, Google, Github, Slack, Gitlab, Facebook & any custom provider.

At Discount Price with SAML SSO, OAuth SSO apps

Features provided by us:

  • Allows you to disable Bitbucket basic authentication or OAuth authentication
  • Supports creating or revoking individual API tokens for users and universal API tokens for services
  • One click enable or disable REST API authentication using OAuth 2.0
  • IP Restriction
  • Group-based restriction
  • Easily integrate scripts in SSO environment with Token Authentication/3rd party apps

Coming Soon:

  • Token permission : Grant/Revoke group based permission
  • Token Management : creation, expiration date & token scope
  • Token Scope : Read-Only/Write Only permissions
  • Support for JWT Token

Contact us for free installation/demo

API Token & OAuth Authentication is also available for Jira & Confluence

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