Egor PCB diff tool

for Bitbucket Server 7.2.4 - 7.21.4 and more

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The PCB Diff tool allows you to quickly compare your hardware designs, like PCBs and schematics

Diff tool

The diff tool interface with a completed diff of two PCB layers displayed

PCB layer selector

Selection of PCB layers to diff based on the data provided.

Cache manager

Cache manager of the plugin

More details

The EGOR PCB diff tool is primarily a PCB design version control tool that compares PCB designs and separates them into different versions. It is also a utility that integrates into Bitbucket and performs a version control for hardware files you work on. The traditional version control tools can only be used to compare text-based files like files that contain code and or make files or configurations for programs. This allows you to compare files like schematics and Gerber files that would be otherwise hard to compare using conventional version control tools like git, subversion and Mercurial. The goal with the EGOR tool was to make something that not just large companies could make use of, but SME’s could make use of as well. This way, SME’s could make use of such a tool without having to pay disproportionately high prices. The EGOR tool also includes Project tracking and a build environment for automatic testing and/or deploying the product (DDM Systems).

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