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StatusIntegrator – a JIRA Plugin by TSS Global that updates your project status for a dime to a dollar

JIRA TASK Process Automation

Our powerful plugin is a result of fusion of our AI, Cloud Computing Services and RPA expertise. It helps organizations automate non-essential manual tasks. The process is unbelievably simple too.

Cloud CI/CD setup and StatusIntegrator Integration

To integrate the StatusIntegrator, Configure your CI/CD pipelines supported currently and update the CI/CD pipelines steps to invoke the JIRA TASK update features provided by StatusIntegrator.

DevOps Automation: update JIRA TASK Automatically

DevOps Process Automation for updating the JIRA TASK Automatically as code changes triggered at CI/CD pipelines improve team and project better manageability by StatusIntegrator

More details

StatusIntegrator by TSS Global is a powerful plugin that seamlessly captures the status of regular software project updates, repetitively created by JIRA users on meeting every milestone, big or small. While one may not immediately realize the importance of losing a small bit of time used in every manual update, let us say five minutes per update, on average, such manual interventions cumulatively comprise a huge resource drain, when counted for the number of times per user, per day. By saving time and precious resources for companies through automation of manual processes, StatusIntegrator substantially adds to the bottom line of the organization, both in the short and the long run.

By integrating the StatusIntegrator into your project configuration on the JIRA platform, you can increase overall organizational efficiency at a fraction of the resources that get wasted unnoticed. Go for StatusIntegrator by TSS Global and get your project status report for a dime to a dollar.

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Integration Details

StatusIntegrator integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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