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We no longer offer sales and support for server apps. You can stay connected by exploring the migration options to either the cloud or Data Center version of this app.

Get to know your team better

Historical view of indicators

See an historic view of the results of the last sprints. Of course, the number of visible sprints is configurable, just like the type of indicators.

Kind of work of the last sprints

You are able to see what kind of work your team has done in the last sprints. This is configurable, too.

Clear view of all important sprint data

See all sprint data in an clear view. Sprint data are read out from Jira itself. But you can change it afterwards. Of course, you can configure the visible data.

More details

Unlike Jira´s built-in reports tab, Metimur is explicitly designed for your Scrum team to help your team to stay on top of your sprints. Metimur consists of three main parts: a line graph, a bar chart and a table overview containing all your sprint data. Metimur pulls all necessary data from your Jira instance and calculates helpful stats for you and your team.

Metimur will help you to be more efficient: recognize potential problems before they occur and analyze where improvement is necessary. You can filter all shown sprints in various ways, to be optimally prepared for your Retrospective. As a plus, you can generate a summary of last X sprints to see all important metrics in one line.

Metimur is fully customizable, to fit your needs. You can select if bugs shall be counted as bugs or fully disable, that bugs are counted at all. It is also possible to determine, which metrics are shown in which view. We are using Jira´s permission schemes, to restrict who can see and edit the stats.

Privacy and security

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