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ML1 helps you process Jira issues quickly and accurately by auto-filling the field of your choice based on historical data

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Field Auto-Fill

Decide which field you’d like to auto-fill and choose a user whose access permissions you’d like to use to train the ML1 models, no coding required. Reduce manual inputs and optimize routine processes

Advanced Settings

Set a custom training schedule with a cron expression, and decide on the maximum number of issues the model will use for training. This will enforce training of the model with the most recently created Jira Tickets

Training Reports

Monitor your model’s performance through reports on accuracy, status, errors, and duration of training. This helps to make sure the automated field population during your Jira tickets creation is consistent and accurate

More details

ML1 allows you to automate your Jira Ticket creation.

How it works:

  • ML plug-in collects historical data from Jira tickets and sends it to the ML server;
  • ML Server uses summary and description fields from historical data to create a training model;
  • After the model is successfully trained, The ML plug-in starts to predict field values;
  • ML plug-in applies auto fill in the specified field each time Jira users create new tickets.

Feature highlights:

  • Ticket automation software works well with Jira Service Desk projects;
  • Easy to install and configure;
  • You can choose to predict different fields for different Jira projects;
  • Prediction is possible for multiple fields values (labels, categories, version pickers, etc.);
  • Manual or scheduled machine training and retraining;
  • Displays reporting of machine training.

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