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Manage Jira issues on the map with GPS position

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Add, find, and edit GPS positions in Jira issues

You can display tasks on a map, filter them, and then fully utilize Jira’s functionality to solve them. Add another layer of information for your Jira issues with precise GPS location.

Display locations on maps

Visualize pinned locations on the issue detail screen and map board for better work planning.

Datasets and filters

Group objects based on common attributes and refine displayed locations using filters.

More details

Discover GeoData for Jira: Seamlessly add, visualize, and filter location data for enhanced issue management.

  • Add Locations: Easily track critical business locations and associate addresses with your issues. Multiple locations can be added to a single issue.
  • Find Locations: Use the map view or search functionality to locate addresses. Pinpoint a specific location or choose the closest matching address.
  • Edit Locations: Modify addresses for relocated offices or update meeting locations. Customize display names for descriptive labeling.
  • Display Locations on Maps: View all pinned locations on the issue detail screen. Utilize the map board to visualize locations from all Jira issues.
  • Datasets: Group objects with common attributes, such as issue types or Insight objects. Specify which issues or objects are included in a dataset.
  • Filters: Refine displayed locations based on selected criteria.

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Effortlessly manage addresses and associate them with your issues.