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Give your service desk agents data they need: complete customers context right in Jira

Ask customers for data ✍️

Customers can update additional information on their own. Whenever a mobile phone, manager, or address will change, they can make an update on the Portal. You can also enable the “Ask for data” feature.

Manage customer data at your convenience 🙌

Display and manage customers context as you wish. Customize the view to suit your needs, choose the columns that are the most important, and enjoy a structured directory of customers and organizations.

Use customer’s data in a workflow 🤙

Copy customer’s and organization’s data to the issue. Make JQL and SLA definition dependent on that data. Speed up request creation by copy values from the customer’s profile to the issue.

More details

🤔 How many times have agents been stuck due to a lack of additional information about the reporting incident? Or how often would agents like to rate clients without sharing these values with them?

If you’re asking yourself similar questions and need to deepen customer context, try our Customer and Organization Management app.

  • Design data form: Specify what type of data clients can provide: Text or Paragraph.
  • Collect data: Customers can enter or update their profile information. No agent interaction (for example, additional comments on the ticket to get the necessary information) or administrator interaction is required.
  • Use your data: Agents can easily view the data of the reporter or any participant. Thanks to this, they can provide support tailored to their needs.
  • Bird's eye view: access all collected customer information in one place.

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Have your all needed organization or customer context away from the issue glance.