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Collect additional data about customers and organizations right in your Jira Service Management

Ask customers for data ✍️

Customers can update additional information on their own. Whenever a mobile phone, manager, or address will change, they can make an update on the Portal. You can also enable the “Ask for data” feature.

More insights on the customers 💪

Give agents easy access to information about customers and organizations. Show all details about the reporter and each participant directly on the Issue View. Fields can be filled in or updated by agents.

Use customer’s data in a workflow 🤙

Copy customer’s and organization’s data to the issue. Make JQL and SLA definition dependent on that data. Speed up request creation by copy values from the customer’s profile to the issue.

More details

🤔 How many times have agents been stuck due to a lack of additional information about the reporting incident? Or how often would agents like to rate clients without sharing these values with them?

🎉 If you're asking yourself similar questions and looking for a solution to these problems, try our Customer Details app.

  • Gather data: ask customers about their preferences, contact data, job title, or department
  • Use the information: agents can preview the answers and other data provided by customers to speed up the ticket service. You can also copy any customer-level information to custom-field to build more powerful workflows.

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📝 Customer Details for Jira Service Management integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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