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The fastest, most lightweight Jira-native app for test management, test planning, test execution, test reports and QA in Jira

The fastest, most lightweight Jira-native app for test management, test planning, test execution, test reports and QA in Jira

The fastest, most lightweight Jira-native app for test management, test planning, test execution, test reports and QA in Jira

Don't manage your tests as Jira issues

The fastest test management app in Jira

No complex configuration required

The only Jira-native test management app that doesn’t force you to treat tests as Jira issues. Whether you do agile testing or something more ad hoc, simply plan and run your tests within the Jira issue detail view.

Your test management tool should speed up your testing & QA process, not slow you down. Plan test cases with rich text and images, start test runs, and upload results faster than it takes to create a new Jira issue.

Easy to use out of the box. Add test cases from within your Jira issues and start testing in minutes. Add results, report bugs, and view reports for test runs across all your Jira issues, stories and epics.

More details

TestRail Lite is an alternative to TestRail Professional or Enterprise for teams that need a lightweight test management app based entirely within Jira.

Why TestRail Lite?

  • "It's nice and simple to set up, with a clean/clear UI"
  • "Easy to use, straightforward. No training needed"
  • "I like that Tests are NOT 'issues'"

(☝️ feedback from beta testing)


1.Test design, planning, and execution inside of Jira

  • Organize reusable tests into sections and suites
  • Add preconditions and test steps with rich text & images
  • Filter and run tests based on priority, type, etc.
  • Drag and drop to upload test results
  • Create new Jira issues from test results to report bugs

2. Lightweight but powerful

  • Built on the same award-winning test management engine as TestRail Professional & TestRail Enterprise

3. Native to Jira

  • Fastest load times of any native Jira test management app
  • Share test progress and results with your entire development team

Compatible with classic and next-gen Jira Software Cloud projects.

Reviews for cloud

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by Tigran Zakaryan on 2021-05-28
I like the idea that it has deep integration with Jira and the fact that all data will live in Jira. However this tool requires a lot of work done: UI and usability is not that good comparing to the other competitors, on top of that lack of the customization options, all you can do in configuration is assign to the project and allow/not allow to delete test runs. I'd nice if this add-on. ver would have some of the features from powerful TestRail.
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by Apphawks Apphawks on 2021-05-13
Does not work at all. Cannot agree, cannot create case etc. + Installation takes forever.
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by Anil Mahadev on 2021-02-08
Absolutely love it! Makes Testing so easy!
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Your feedback means a lot to us,Anil. Our Product Team is working towards improving TestRail's user experience more than ever.

by Farahnaz Sarraf on 2021-01-22
An excellent tool for QA. Although I would like to create a test report from Jira that shows the connection between requirements and tests and error reports in one and the same table. Is there a possibility for that? What do I need to do as a QA to quickly get an overview of requirements, tests and bug reports in one and the same matrix table?
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Thank you so much for your review! We are definitely looking at ways we can improve TestRail Lite in future iterations, like adding some kind of traceability reporting like you mentioned—great point! If you have any other ideas, we'd love to hear them! Simply reply here or drop us a note at contact@gurock.com.

by Zachary Bird on 2021-01-20
Killer product. 5 Stars. Would recommend!
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Hi Zachary, thanks so much for leaving us a great review! Feel free to reach out to us at contact@gurock.com if there's ever anything we can do to help!

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Jira Cloud Released 2020-11-04


Added configuration options, enhanced performance, and improved UX


With this release, you can now choose which Jira projects have TestRail Lite enabled, which test suite should be selected by default when adding new test cases, and your preferred default test case template.

You'll also notice some enhancements to performance and usability geared towards making your testing even more efficient.


  1. Log into your Jira instance as an admin.
  2. Click the admin dropdown and choose Add-ons. The Find new apps or Find new add-ons screen loads.
  3. Locate TestRail Lite Test Management for Jira.
  4. Click Free trial to download and install your app.
  5. You're all set! Click Close in the Installed and ready to go dialog.

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