Git X-Modules for Bitbucket Server

for Bitbucket Server 7.0.0 - 7.21.4 and more
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Get your code together — a better way to manage modular Git projects — submodules done right

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Easy to set up

Select a repository in Bitbucket UI and configure modules to include. Click 'Apply'. That’s it!

Always in sync

Changes made to external repositories are reflected at once in the parent repository and vice versa.

Transparent for the users

Users clone the parent repository, pull updates, and push their changes. Git X-Modules administers each commit and places it where it should be.

More details

Git X-Modules is intended to change the way you work with modular Git projects. Cross-repository development has never been more straightforward than with Git X-Modules!

Git X-Modules creates and manages Git repositories that include other repositories. Think of it as a server-side alternative to Git Submodules.

Git X-Modules is developed by TMate Software — a company renowned for its extraordinary support and attention to user needs.

NB! This version is for Bitbucket 7x. For Bitbucket 8x use v.2.0!

Use Cases

  • Combine multiple projects and components into a single repository for cross-project development.
  • Include parts of other projects into yours.
  • Share common assets across multiple projects.

Key Benefits

  • Configure and manage X-Modules within Bitbucket Server UI.
  • Include repository branches, tags, or commits as X-Modules.
  • Use Standard Git workflow; no special commands.

Visit our Support Forum or watch the screencast to learn more about the Git X-Modules.

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Create an X-Module from Bitbucket interface.