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by Shawn Evans on Mar 10th 2022

Unable to Stop Trial nor Uninstall!!!!

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Realigned Technologies

Hello Shawn,

unfortunately, we can not influence this in any way. Please contact Atlassian support, if the issue persists

All the best

by Allison Tuniche on Oct 5th 2021

The app is great: simple and neat. However, we truly need some sort of slicing (swimlanes) so it's not perfect for us. A higher level above the steps would also be great.

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Realigned Technologies

Hello Allison,

thank you for your feedback! Are you looking for planning features inside the journey map?

We would love to discuss your requirements as we have a version 2 of this app in the making. You can contact us anytime via

All the best,

by Patrick Roos on Jan 30th 2021

Very suitable Journey Map integration for my Jira Projects! Thanks.

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by Pascal Meier on Jan 29th 2021

Best Journey Mapping tool so far. Very easy to create a journey for a specific persona and add existing tasks or create new ones.

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by Wolfgang Seidler on Jan 22nd 2021

Only support story mapping within ONE Jira project. Not usable for our purposes.

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Realigned Technologies

Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for your feedback! Journey Mapping for Jira actually supports multiple projects if you configure the backlog to include them. You can get in touch with us at or our support portal so we can discuss your use case

All the best