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Style your Confluence content with custom CSS code

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Styles Confluence content with custom CSS code

Custom CSS Code for Confluence allows you to style Confluence content (such as tables) with any CSS code.

Confluence content is added as macro body

To add CSS code to your Confluence content, just move it into the macro body.

CSS Syntax highlighting & auto completion

The editor in the macro options to enter the custom CSS code supports CSS syntax highlighting and auto completion features.

More details

Confluence offers some limited options (such as text sizes and colors) to customize your content. With Custom CSS Code for Confluence you can overcome this limitation as it offers a macro to inject any custom CSS code to change the look & feel of your Confluence content.

The injected CSS code gives you the freedom to change font styles, sizes & colors, image sizes & effects table and list stylings.


  • ⭐ CSS editor with CSS syntax highlighting and code completion features
  • ⭐ Including external CSS files
  • ⭐ Supports Confluence PDF and Word export

Put your your Confluence code in the macro body and use the macro options to define your custom CSS code.

⚠️ Due to technical limitations & security restrictions in the Confluence Cloud environment, you can only style content that is added as macro body. ⚠️




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