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Feature flagging made simple, safe and powerful. Gain the control and confidence you need to ship better software faster

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Feature flag status directly from within jira

View a complete summary of your feature flag rollout across environments from directly within Jira - including environment statuses and rollout rule details.

Percentage, timed and targeted Rollouts

Target your rollout precisely by cohort, time or percentage. Scale up and immediately rollback.

Comprehensive Jira integration

Zero configuration startup and comprehensive Jira integration within Jira and Featureflow

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Featureflow for Jira provides first class integration between Jira and Featureflow, giving your team the ability to link and view the rollout status of your featureflow feature flags within Jira.

  • Create a new feature from within jira
  • Link an existing feature from within jira
  • Link an existing Jira from within featureflow
  • Seamlessly link between the two
  • View a complete summary of rollout statuses directly within Jira

Featureflow allows developers to release rapidly and with confidence behind feature flags whilst giving the business the control they need to deploy exactly when required.

  • Release gradually to a percentage of users and scale up
  • Release to internal or beta client only
  • Kill misbehaving features instantly
  • Separate code release from feature rollout
  • Deploy silently, ahead of time and enable when ready

Sign up for free, get started instantly with just a couple of lines of code at https://featureflow.com

Please see our documentation at https://docs.featureflow.io/docs/jira

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Integration Details

Featureflow - Feature Flags for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application
  • Read data from the host application


Feature rollout visibility.