Smart Commits Checker for Bitbucket

for Bitbucket Server 5.6.1 - 7.21.4 and more
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We cannot solve problems that we do not know. Faulty smart commits are accepted without error message

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Smart Commits improve the daily work with the Atlassian Stack. However, when using these magic keywords, typos can occur or incorrect values can be given.

By default Bitbucket will not recognize typos and will not warn or inform developers. So developers are not aware that they have made mistakes

As result: We cannot solve problems that we do not know. Faulty messages are accepted without error message.

So if we are not aware that we have made mistakes, this will lead to the following serious complications in our projects:

  • Missing time logs = missing money: During the accounting many time-logs may be missing.
  • Fuzzy/unclear project status: Issues will not be in the correct status
  • Broken communication: Important comments will not be added to issues

The Smart Commit Checker for Bitbucket works a pre-receive hook and enforces correct smart commits in commit message. If the hook will detect invalid commit messages, the hook will reject the commit and/or the push.

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