Mastermind Automation and AI Assistant

for Jira Cloud
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AI assistant that helps developers save time by automating workflows across Jira, Github, GSuite, Exchange and Slack

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Automates time consuming tasks

Developers just ask: “What’s next”, “Standup”, “Status”, “Team Status” – and Mastermind AI Assistant prioritizes, suggests and surfaces data from tools such as Jira, Github and GSuite.

Works in the background on your behalf

Developers can schedule tasks they want their AI Assistant to perform on their behalf – send a daily status to themselves or a weekly report to the team. The tasks get done without the developer even having to think about it.

Integrates seamlessly with your dev tools and processes

Teams don’t have to change dev tools or processes. Mastermind integrates with tools such as Jira, Github, Slack and GSuite and works seamlessly with Scrum, Kanban or other agile processes.

Privacy and security

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