Cyara-Jira Defect Tracking Integration

by Cyara
for Jira Cloud
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Jira integration automates the filing of defects in Jira facilitating rapid iteration, and reducing manual data entry and errors

Cyara Velocity is in the business of finding defects during the development process. Cyara’s automated functional and regression testing, finds issues as the development team iterates and puts out new code. Once defects are identified, many developers use Jira to track defects, and assure that they are resolved. Connecting these two systems eliminates manual data entry, and assures that defects are accurately captured and tracked, and quickly resolved.

Integration Description Cyara now offers an integration that connects Cyara Velocity to Jira, so that as test cases fail, and Cyara identifies defects, new defects can be created directly from Cyara. This reduces rework and errors.

While the integration connects the two systems, users manually review each defect to eliminate the creation of spurious and duplicate defects in Jira.

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