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Optimize contains bunch of features for Jira to boost team productivity and efficiency

​Multi Cards on project board

Displayes two Cards within a single column so 100% more cards can be displayed on a single screen.

Subtasks in backlog

Shows all sub-tasks for a certain issue within the backlog. This feature allows you to get a more detailed overview and better option to manage your projects.

Settings Page

Settings can be set globally for all boards as well as for specific boards, depending on how it suits your needs..

More details

Optimize contains bunch of features for Jira to boost team productivity and efficiency.

Amongst other things it provides the option of changing the layout of the project board and scrum backlogs. In this way, relevant issues on project boards become clearer, more compact and can be displayed without any unnecessary information.

In addition, optimize has features like showing images directly on the cards in the project board or sub-tasks in the project backlog.

⚡️ Features:

  • Optimize card layout
  • Hide unnecessary information from cards and your backlog
  • Show multiple cards on your project board
  • Show images on your cards on your project board
  • Show sub-tasks in your backlog
  • Show every users accumulated logged work for today
  • Show notifications if an issue has been updated by another user

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Reference screenshot of the board without any optimizations.