it.JCATS - SAP Worklogs with Jira

for Jira Server 8.5.3 - 8.20.5 and more
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Reliable and easy: Log your time in Jira and SAP simultaneously without having to switch platforms

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Link Jira projects and WBS elements

Never worry about finding the right WBS element to the matching Jira project. Your team lead can easily link the two for you.

Perfect integration

With the bidirectional connection between Jira and SAP, changes in time logs made in one system will automatically take effect in the other.

Reliable and transparent

When logging your time in Jira, it is also logged in SAP. Never again worry about error-prone double bookings.

More details

Say goodbye to annoying and error-prone double time bookings when working in SAP and Jira. Instead of switching platforms to log your time twice, simply log it either in Jira or SAP. Conveniently Jira issue and WBS element can be chosen and matched. As a result, you save time and can focus on your work while your controller follows the development process as well as the corresponding work logs in SAP and Jira easily and transparently.

  • Automatic correlation: When logging your time in Jira it is automatically booked onto the corresponding WBS element in SAP
  • Delegated time booking: It gives the Product Lead control and flexibility because they can log time on Jira issues for other users
  • Minimise errors: Log your time once and be done with it for both, SAP and Jira
  • Respect Issue hierarchy: Its traversial mechanism allows it.JCATS to check if your issue has an WBS element attached, if not then it goes to the next hierarchy level up to the epic

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