ID Generator for Jira

for Jira Server 8.0.0 - 8.13.6 and more
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ID Generator for Jira will create consecutive IDs in custom text fields according to your naming scheme

Consecutive IDs

If you need IDs that are independent of standard Jira issue IDs. E. g. if you depict Contracts, Risks, Controls etc. in Jira in the cause of digitization projects. Simply assign custom text fields with our post function.

Combine default and custom field values

Most naming schemes combine variables like process, department or entities with a counter. With ID Generator fo Jira this will done by our app.

Worry-free Installation

No risk by installing our app. Even if you decide to uninstall our app, all your IDs will be stay in the issues already created. The only bad thing is, that you have to enter IDs manually again.

More details

In some use cases you may want to have consecutive IDs according to your (exsiting) name scheme (e. g. risk management, a control environment or a contract management).

Our simple and lightweight app ID Generator Jira will do the job!

By adding a post function and assigning it to a custom text field, ID Generator will look up the highest given value and increment it. The naming scheme can comprise constants and variables from other default and custom fields.

In short

  • ID Generator gives Jira issues an additional ID without user interaction
  • Only issues in a specified status get IDs
  • IDs can combine values from other default and custom fields

Don't worry!

Even if you decide to uninstall our app, all the already created Jira issue IDs will keep their values. Because ID Generator is a post function that sets values to existing fields only. If you remove or uninstall the post function, this has no effect to the existing field values.

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