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Plugin Install

Install Kumologica Node for Jira in Kumologica Designer

Implement Kumologica flow with various Jira calls

Kumologica flow exposing api to perform various orchestrations depending on business logic. Each flow interacts with Jira Service Desk by calling relevant Jira api.

Jira calls exposed by Kumologica Node for Jira

Various Properties of Kumologica Node for Jira

More details

Kumologica is a low-code development toolkit to build, test and deploy API and integration services that can run serverlessly on any cloud (AWS Lambda, Azure Functions or Google Functions).

Kumologica follows a flow-based programming paradigm, where through a visual editor you can arrange and connect logic nodes to represent business logic as flows.

Kumologica designer is a visual editor that makes it easy to link together nodes to rapidly build flows that can be deployed as AWS Lambda, Google or Azure functions. This visual flow based development editor, comes with a rich collection of nodes that have been carefully implemented and tested to achieve the best security and performance results.

See our blog entry about example implementation of Kumologica flow using Jira Node: https://medium.com/@kumologica/contact-us-web-form-for-jira-service-desk-using-kumologica-flow-f6ad1df9aaf8

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