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Label UP! is a smart app that takes care of labelling pages for you

Smart label suggestions

Let Label UP! do the work for you and tell you which labels would be the most suitable for your page and create them for you. You don't have to think about all the thing you wrote about and how to describe your content.

One-click away

Label UP! gives you a list of suggestions. All you need to do is to confirm and it creates the labels for you. One click is enough, or you can choose to add your own insight to get a more precise fit.

Easy to find content

In Confluence it is so easy to find or aggregate pages if they are properly labelled. Unfortunatelly, users often skip this step. Label UP! makes it so easy that no content will ever be burried again.

More details

Label UP! does page labelling for you. It is smart and it “reasons” the way you would. It analyses the content of the page, considers the information and evaluates what the content is about.

Based on that, it gives you a list of top label suggestions which you can just accept with one single click and the page is labelled for you. If you want to have more control and tune up the list of labels before applying it to the page, by all means.

See our documentation for a full list of features and supported languages and contact us if you have requests.

Have you ever created a page in Confluence and couldn’t find it a couple of days later? Did you search for it using words or pieces of phrases you thought you remembered writing in it? What if you want to find all content relevant to a specific topic or find all documents of a certain type? You might want to setup a knowledge base either internal or for your clients. With Label UP! it is so easy to make sure all pages are ready and labelled.

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