Velocity/Capacity Sprint Planning & Tracking for Jira

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Plan sprints based on your team's past velocities and account for individual team member absences with their individual velocity

Estimate Sprint Velocity

Easily estimate the team's historical average sprint velocity by visually overviewing the last few sprints.

This visual approach provides a clear perspective on average performance, aiding in future sprint planning.

Adjust Velocity for User Absences

Utilize past sprint velocities, including individual velocities, to estimate the impact of user absences in the planned sprint.

This insight helps adjust team velocity accordingly, ensuring realistic sprint planning.

Track Sprint Progress Seamlessly

As the sprint kicks off, track its progress effortlessly in the same planning view.

📊 Enhance your tracking experience by installing Simple Reports & Charts app for additional reports and velocity dashboard gadgets.

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Integration Details

Velocity/Capacity Sprint Planning & Tracking for Jira integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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