Gantt Chart Macro

for Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 7.13.20 and more
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Simple Gantt Chart Macro for Confluence

IMPORTANT UPDATE (11 Nov): As the Server Confluence is going to EOL and due to complexity of certification of the add-on for DataCenter model, we regret to announce that Gantt Chart Macro development is not going to continue. You can still use Server version of the add-on if it works for you.Thank you for using the macro, it was a great journey for us.

The macro allows to add Gantt Chart to Confluence pages.The chart provides controls used for scrolling and zooming the timeline.

Macro editor provides rich set of functions such as described below.

There are three types of tasks:

  • Project
  • Milestone
  • Task

Connections between tasks are supported: simply choose dependent task and dependency type from the list of:

  • Finish to Start
  • Start to Start
  • Finish to Finish

Color picker allows to choose task color from palette or add a custom color.

Add a web link to a task in order to render as a clickable link in the chart.

Editor allows to edit and arrange tasks easily by moving them in the task list.

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The macro provides the list of tasks beside of Gantt Chart.