Custom Field Mapper

for Jira Server 7.13.0 - 8.17.0
  • Jira Service Management

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Simple Custom Field mapping between environments

Working across multiple levels of Jira can be a pain when writing custom code to make the system perform how you want. Fist you have to ensure all levels of Jira match and every custom field is spelt the same otherwise we spend hours and having different versions of code for different levels to target the items such as Custom fields. This plugin removes the worry of needing to ensure either the name of the custom field in your development and UAT environments matches what is in production. You can simply reserve a secondary custom name across your multiple levels and then use the interface to call the custom field and get the desired field every time without the worry of ensuring the name or id is mapped across multiple levels with different scripts.

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Reserve your custom field name in each environment to reduce code manipulation between environment deployments.