Good Job Pal for Jira and Confluence

by Burti
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Send a Thank you card to your colleague for a good job done

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Send a thank you card based on your team values

You can define team values and teammates can thank each other for good job done based on one of the values. Sender is happier, receiver is happier and team values become stronger

Thank colleagues directly from Jira and Confluence

In real life, you would say Thanks to a person as soon as you see what good job she has done. Saw a great comment on Jira or loved that new how-to in Confluence? Hover over the author's name and thank her in two clicks

Quantify thankfulness in you team

The inter-team dynamics is hard to quantify and measure. With our analytics you will be able to see who thank whom, for what, how often and why. Build and publish dashboards of the best, help others to become better.

More details

Good Job, Pal! is a team recognition platform allowing teammates to thank each other via the web app, Slack, Jira or Confluence. According to Gallup 1 in 3 employees don’t feel appreciated and recognized enough. Change that with Good Job, Pal! and you will get:

  • Happier team: Recognition is why we work. It creates a sense of purpose and belonging. Your team will be happier, more motivated, helpful and efficient
  • Stronger culture: When a thank you card is sent for exceptional work based on one of the team values, the value and culture as a whole become stronger.
  • Better decisions: Powerful analytics allow to celebrate the superstars and rockstars of your team, as well as gain oversight over its’ internal climate and find areas to improve.

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