TestFLO Integration for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 6.6.0 - 9.3.6 and more

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Run your automated tests and keep constant integration between tools - thanks to TestFLO for Bamboo

Automatically publish test results from Bamboo

Run your automated tests within the Test Plan, and TestFLO will run them and import the results automatically creating Test Cases in your Jira Test Plan.

Easy to integrate DevOps practices

Boost your test process and adapt full CI/CD practices. Publish automated test results using testing frameworks and tools like Cucumber, TestNG and JUnit.

You don’t have to change the context to run tests

Allows running automated tests without changing the context between CI Server and Jira to run tests. Take all actions from one place, from TestFLO.

More details

This app is a Jira test management plugin which allows you to integrate Bamboo with TestFLO. As a result, you will get the possibility of triggering Bamboo plans with automated tests from Jira and publishing results to Jira.


  • Your teams get to know about all automated test results instantly in Jira
  • Manual and automated test results are now in one place: Jira becomes their home
  • Poof! The technical complexity of running an automated test is gone: just flip a switch on the Test Plan and wait for the results to appear in Jira


  • Trigger Bamboo plan using TestFLO from Jira
  • Publish test results to Jira using TestFLO for Jira
  • Support frameworks and tools: JUnit, TestNG and Cucumber
  • Import test results into the new or current iteration of Test Plan
  • Always create new Test Cases from test results or update only existing ones

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