Global plan lock for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 6.10.4 - 7.0.6 and more
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Global lock for Bamboo plans

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Do you have multiple plans that can not be executed in parallel?

You also want to use build agents (remote or not!) with those plans? You are stuck on that, right? 😞

Maybe you have some shared resources that are used by each build.

Maybe you created a single agent that can only run a built at a time to exclusively run those plans.

None of that sounds super great... (and probably that is why you arrived here!)

Fear no more!

Bamboo Global Plan Lock is here to help you overcome that! 🎉

With this plugin, you can set a unique "locking key" for the plans that need to be executed sequentially and let them run in any agent you feel like. Each plan build will wait for the availability of the lock to proceed. And while it waiting for the lock it won't take up an agent slot! 🙌

Give it a try! and tell you more about your experience at

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