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Never forget to reply for mentions in Jira

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You can easily filter only those tickets you haven't reply to

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You can easily mark item as replied even if you don't want to leave comment. Just mark it as replied in a menu.


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Never forget to reply for any mentions in Jira.

User Mentioned is simple Jira Query Language function that will return those ticket you were recently mentioned in. You can reply on those ticket, or mark them as replayed in necessary.


issue in mentioned() - Filters all issues that you have been mentioned

issue in mentioned(-3d) - Filters all issues that you were mentioned in past 3 days.

Possible parameters:

  • m – Minutes
  • h – Hours
  • d – Days
  • w – Weeks
  • M – Months
  • y – Years

issue in mentioned(-3d, unreplied) - Filters all the issues that you were mentioned in past 3 days, and you haven’t reply yet or marked as replied.

Possible parameters:

  • unreplied/false – returns only issues you haven’t replied on
  • replied/true – returns only issues you have replied on
  • all – returns both replied and not replied issues

issue in mentionsOf(johndoe) - allows alto to find mentions for other users

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