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Perfectly formatted Confluence content: Button, Cards, Panel, Page Divider, Tabs & more macros | Styleguide | Templates | Library

🔓Unlock the Power of Your Content

Unleash your content’s potential. No more content silos, unstructured pages, or boring blogs. Build visually appealing and structured pages with intuitive macros or ready-to-go templates. It’s your content, your way.

🤗Boost Team Collaboration and Insight

Increase team collaboration with unique content formatting. Highlight important info, encourage content engagement, and transfer company knowledge. Give your colleagues the info they need, exactly when they need it.

COMING SOON: 🚀Bring Your Brand to Life

Tell your company story like never before. Set brand colors and design foundations, use macros to build your brand, and save favorites to create new pages whenever you like. Make Optics part of your company identity.

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Company information doesn’t need to be dull and lifeless. Whether it’s an important update, a team overview, an upcoming event, or simply sharing knowledge between teams, Optics lets you bring your brand and corporate information into focus. Boost engagement, find new ways to visualize content, and make your brand stand out. Utilize powerful and intuitive macros to build your pages any way you like, or test out predesigned templates that let you transform your content in minutes.ㅤ


  • Button
  • Cards
  • Panels


  • Color management
  • Macro Templates Library

Unlock the world of unlimited Use Cases with Optics: Homepage, Knowledge base, Onboarding, Product/Project Docs, and more.

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