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Time management, project planning, priority management, personal effectiveness

​Issues are distributed by specific priority

The Eisenhower matrix consists of four squares, the basis of which are two axes - the urgency axis and the importance axis. In each of these squares, cases are entered, depending on their importance and urgency.

Plan your issues from the backlog

The results of our work directly depend on important matters. The ultimate goal of the priority matrix is to help filter out minor matters from important decisions and focus on what really matters.

Use drag and drop to indicate the importance

Use the matrix when planning a quarter, week, day, or even iteration for your team. You can create a matrix for yourself, a subordinate, for a project, for anyone.

More details

Issues are distributed by specific quadrants, which in turn determine when and how long you can complete an issue.

  • Urgent and important. This includes priority issues that require immediate attention. They have tight deadlines and must be carried out above all else and in person.
  • Important, but not urgent. This quadrant is the strategic part of the matrix, ideal for long-term development. The elements that it includes are important but do not require immediate intervention.
  • Urgent, but not important - helps minimize what distracts from important work. Thanks to the delegation, you can focus on more serious things.
  • Neither urgent nor important. Actions falling into quadrant IV are related activities that do not bring any value. Simply put, this is something that can always be postponed without fear of any consequences. These things take time and prevent you from completing the more important tasks that you add to the first two quadrants.



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e Matrix integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

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