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Link to Parent, modify all dates with one change, count statuses and more with tools to superpower your pages and templates

Link to Parent and Link to Page in Other Space

These features that have long been available as user macros for Confluence Server, now for Confluence Cloud

Modify dates in one sweep

Change a whole page of dates by simply changing one date! This works great for templates too, keeping track automatically of scheduled intervals between dates.

Keep track of statuses

Especially on long pages or multiple child pages, it can be hard to see an overview of how a particular project is progressing. You can use the status count macro to see and keep track of status changes.

More details

Supercharge your pages and templates with these useful macros for Confluence Cloud. These include:

  • Link to Parent (and Insert Parent and Excerpt Include Parent)
  • Link to Other Space (to page with same name in other space)
  • Date Modifier (Modify all dates in a page by changing one date. It doesn't even have to be in the same page)
  • Status Count (add up all the status macros in your page and see them in a table)

Stop wasting time and help make your pages and templates more powerful with Useful Macros for Confluence Cloud!

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