Squish Test Center Plugin for Confluence

for Confluence Server 6.6.0 - 7.13.20 and more
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A Confluence macro for viewing latest results of tests which are located on your Test Center server

Via the Squish Test Center plugin, the Squish Test Center can integrate with Atlassian Confluence to embed the latest test results from Squish Test Center into Confluence pages.

As being available now as part of the 'Squish Test Center' integrations you can view the latest results of any tests (located in the database on your Test Center server) via pages on your Confluence server.

Results can be displayed either inline within page’s text contents and comments, or within tables which you can create with it for showing up overview of whole projects or test ranges.

Configuration is easy: simply set a project, test suite or specific test case you want to display and choose a display mode for it (e.g., badge, icon or text) for creating small links which is indicating by icon or color a tests always latest result outcome and which can be followed to Test Center to get more detailed look about relevant statistics.

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