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Don’t ever miss or forget about those Issues which are important. Remind yourself and others about those issues

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One Time Reminder

Set up a one time reminder for either -

- When issue Due Date is coming and/or has passed

- When issue has been in a specific Status for set amount of days

a specific set date and time

Repeating Reminders

Set up a reoccurring reminder for the issue on a daily, weekly, monthly or even a yearly basis!

Decide the date and time the repeating reminder is to start.

Multiple Reminder Recipients

Set all relevant parties for the issue to get the reminder. Make sure issues do not fall between the cracks!

More details

With ReminderZ it is simple to make sure important issues do not fall between the cracks, overseen or forgotten. From within the relevant issue screen, simply click the Issue Reminder and set up a single one time reminder or a repeating reminder.

One time reminders can be set for a specific date and time, for the issue’s Due Date (get reminded that the Due Date is about to be reached, and/or that it already passed), or for when the issue has been in a selected Status for specific set amount of days.

Repeating reminders can be set on a daily basis, a weekly basis where the wanted days of the week can be chosen, a monthly basis where the reminder will be every month according to the set start date for the reminder, or a yearly basis having the reminder sent on the same date every year (happy reminder birthday!). All repeating reminders can be set to start on reminder creation, or at a future selected date and time.

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Integration Details

ReminderZ integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Write data to the host application
  • Read data from the host application


Set a reminder for status change alert. make sure the issue is not left un noticed on specific statuses.

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