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Resolve tickets automatically with Halp Answers

Auto resolve tickets right from Slack

Many IT requests are repetitive. Halp Answers allows you to auto answer tickets based off of the title of the ticket, directly from slack.

Send the right Confluence page at the right time

When a ticket can be answered right from a Confluence article, Halp answers will deliver that article right in the thread. No more context switching and recommending the right article for repetitive questions.

Powered by Halp

Halp Answers is powered by the best internal ticketing system in the market. Create, edit, and collaborate on tickets all from within slack. Build powerful workflows and much more.

More details

Your support requests are often the same questions over and over again. Your end users want to know “what’s the wifi password?” and “how to set up the printer?” Since the answers to these questions already live in Confluence pages, Halp Answers uses customizable keyword and key phrase matching to send the right Cofluence page at the right time. With our app running on Slack and in Confluence, Halp can resolve support tickets automatically.

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