WebAuthn for Bamboo

for Bamboo Server 6.6.0 - 8.2.5 and more
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Passwordless authentication with FIDO2 & WebAuthn. Easier Bamboo login experience via biometrics or FIDO2 security keys

New Login Experience

Use security hardware keys or built-in biometrics to login to Bamboo. No need to use passwords anymore. No need to remember passwords anymore.

Advanced Security

Asymmetric cryptography is used instead of passwords or SMS texts. The Private Key is stored securely on the user’s device, a Public Key and randomly generated Credential ID is sent to the server.

W3C Standard

WebAuthn (Web Authentication) is a W3C web standard — interface for authenticating users to web-based applications and services using public-key cryptography (asymmetric cryptography).

More details

WebAuthn (Web Authentication) is a web standard published by W3C in 2019. WebAuthn enables passwordless authentication between servers, browsers, and authenticators. WebAuthn is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

A hardware security key and biometric on the authenticator can be used together. You may register as many credentials as you need.

Alpha Serve has been experienced in security solutions for Atlassian products since 2018. A range of reliable 2FA applications supporting U2F security keys is used by thousands of Atlassian users from various industries worldwide on a daily basis.

As part of our business, we constantly investigate the user security industry and offer only the most reliable advanced technologies which have already proved their effectiveness and have been enshrined in the world security standards.

Privacy and security

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Fingerprint, TouchID or FIDO2 security keys can be used as credentials instead of password. Each user can add several credentials based on his needs. Press "Add New Credentials" to add new credentials.