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Diagram maker specifically for software architecture


Go up and down the stack, from the big picture to the details. Terrastruct allows you split your diagram into multiple layers, so that you can distinguish each layer of abstraction.


Have you ever tried to explain, "what happens when there's an error here", or "how would the system handle X"? Terrastruct allows you to define scenarios for your diagram, so that you can model every interaction.


Numbering arrows to explain sequences can get messy fast. That's why Terrastruct lets you create frames for each scenario, to let you tell your story piece by piece -- no mess.

More details

Terrastruct is a diagramming tool specialized for software architecture and other complex systems such as the domain your business operates in.

What makes this different from other diagramming tools is that it gives you a multidimensional view of your system. Define layers to go up and down the stack, scenarios to explore hypotheticals or error cases, and use frames for defining sequences.

Additional features also make your diagram more integrated into your system, such as linking directly to your codebase, and live values that can be updated via your server's webhooks.

Start diagramming your architecture like never before.

- This Confluence app is a macro for inserting Terrastruct diagrams by the URL. For example, https://app.terrastruct.com/diagrams/109052745

- To create your own, visit https://terrastruct.com

- We are working on deeper integrations for Confluence!

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