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List view to instantly edit issues and fields in Excel-like spreadsheets in Jira and update all their values at once

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Only your time matters and nothing more


Wasting your time on routine activities is wastefulness. Speed up your issue editing tasks by listing tasks on the spreadsheet and edit them inline at once.

Backlog review is no longer painful for your team

Do backlog review sessions provoke panic attacks? Take it to the next level and make this time pleasurable for your entire team and decrease the time needed for this.

You can better understand what you need

Initially, we wanted to you use here some buzzwords like FIRST-CLASS EXPERIENCE, ENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE, and so on. Just start your free trial of the app and check what you can do with it.

More details

Time is the only thing that matters and you should be careful while wasting it on routine tasks. Spreadsheet Issue Field Editor lets you accelerate backlog refinement, amplify sprint or version planning, and stimulate team collaboration on tasks.

Using the default issue view makes you ineffective, as you spend hours on continuous switches between tasks and looking for a specific field to edit.

The native list view in Jira Work Management does not support all field types and is pretty limited.

With Spreadsheet Issue Field Editor, your editing of issues will be 6X faster, so you can estimate how much time and effort you can save for other activities.

šŸ Get started:

1. Start your free trial.

2. Load the list of issues with JQL / filters.

3. Edit fields, update, or link issues.

4. Group issues or view epic hierarchy.

5. Perform bulk edits.

6. Share views with colleagues.

7. šŸ†• Export the view to CSV or JSON to reuse it anywhere. šŸ†•

šŸ“Œ Check our posts highlighting the app capabilities.

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Integration Details

Spreadsheet Issue Field Editor integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Administer the Jira site.
  • Delete content in Jira.
  • View, browse, and read information from Jira.
  • Create or edit content in Jira, but not delete content.


Export the current view of your Issue Spreadsheet to CSV or JSON. Reuse the Jira issue data you need anywhere.