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Azure DevOps Jira integration for team collaboration. Sync Jira issues with Azure DevOps work items automatically, in real time

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Fully Customize Your Jira Azure DevOps Integration

Start with no-code integration out of the box. Or use simple code for advanced use cases. Use triggers to automate your sync with Jira and ADO query languages.

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Secure and Real-time Azure DevOps Jira Sync

Exalate ensures that all changes are added to the sync queue to be applied in case of failure or upgrades. Decide where to host the integration, on the Exalate Cloud or behind your firewall.

Zero-downtime Jira Migration to AzureDevOps

Migrate all field types (including custom fields), attachments, comments, and other entities from Jira issues & sprints to Azure DevOps work items, using Exalate bulk operation.

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Two-way Azure DevOps Jira integration

  • Sync Jira issues and sprints with Azure DevOps work items (defects, components, test suites, test plans, test cases, etc).
  • If you create or update a system field, a comment, or a custom field on the Jira side, Exalate automatically picks up the change & updates the work item in Azure DevOps and the other way around.
  • You can set up a two-way sync or carry out a one-way migration.

👉 You need to install Exalate on both Jira and Azure DevOps. This listing will redirect you to the Visual Studio Marketplace.

👉 To install Exalate on your Jira instance, go to Exalate for Jira.

Start with the Free Plan & sync up to 1000 new issues/month.

Or fully customize your sync with the Premium Plan:

  • Unlimited syncs & 50+ supported fields
  • No-code & script configuration
  • Easy-to-customize sync rules & mappings
  • Granular control over shared data

Schedule a call with an engineer to discuss your usecase, or check out the Jira Azure DevOps integration & installation guides.

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Unlock collaborative teamwork. Set up a two-way sync between Jira, Azure DevOps and other tools.