Shadow Merge Branch Creator For BBS

for Bamboo Server 7.0.1 - 7.2.10 and more
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Automatically creates a plan branch for shadow merge commit on pull-request creation

Use CI practices on shadow merge commit

Run CI builds on the shadow merge commit to verify the code which would be in target branch after the real pull-request merge. Commit is rebuilt automatically by Bitbucket on any change in source or target branches.

Enable Shadow Merge Commit builds

While creating or editing a build plan select a check box on “Other” tab if you need to automatically create a plan branch on pull-request creation to build shadow merge commit (refs/pull-requests/{id}/merge)

Shadow merge commit builds run automatically

On each pull-request create or update event the next build of a branch is run automatically and post a status to Bitbucket Server side

More details

Plugin "Shadow Merge Commit Build Status" is a prerequisite as it enables proper PR reference creation.

This Bamboo add-on is developed to support CI case with shadow merge commit builds for pull-requests. It is now possible to automate plan branch creation on pull-request create event.

Plan branch is targeted to "refs/pull-requests/{id}/merge" formal branch and listen for update by standard Bamboo polling trigger. Result build status is posted automatically to Bitbucket Server and could be displayed and used for Veto management by "Shadow Merge Commit Build Status" add-on on Bitbucket server side.

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View build status from Bamboo in Bitbucket Server pull-request and manage Vetos with the help of "Shadow Merge Commit Build Status" add-on