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Optimize Jira performance, simplify administration and easily clean up with bulk removal, analytics, and data exporting tools

Visualize & attack

Instantly get your Instance Score with our new Overview Dashboard. Quickly see the totals of everything in your instance from a centralized location and know exactly where you can make improvements.

Eliminate Duplicate Workflows, Fields and more

The FIRST and currently the ONLY admin app that identifies duplicate Workflows. Easily consolidate projects using identical workflows for a standardized approach to maintenance. Also, reduce Field and Issue Type clutter.

Get rid of those pesky, inactive items

Quickly identify inactive content using our new Overview Dashboard. Whether it's unused or empty Projects, Issue Types with zero issues, or Screens with no Schemes or Workflow, our dashboard shows it so you can clean it.

More details

Instance Auditor (Jira) is trusted by Jira administrators around the world to quickly assess, cleanup, optimize and maintain Jira cloud instances at scale and optimize performance. No other tool in the marketplace provides deep details of Jira cloud systems.

Why use our tool versus a competitor?

  • "HEALTH SCORE": Quickly get an indication of Jira's health, know where you can improve, and take immediate action.
  • "DUPLICATION": Identify duplicate Workflows, Fields, and Issue Types and create a strategy to easily eliminate them.
  • "BULK": Delete old projects, schemes, screens, workflows, boards, dashboards, filters & MUCH more.
  • "ASSESS": Know beforehand what your cloud-to-cloud migrations will look like upon completion.

Stop worrying about cleaning up legacy instances. Instance Auditor (Jira) will allow you to cleanup the worst instances in minutes/hours not weeks/months.

Schedule a FREE DEMO and start your journey to a clean, optimized Jira cloud instance today.

Privacy and security

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Integration Details

Instance Auditor (Jira) integrates with your Atlassian product. This remote service can:

  • Administer the host application
  • Administer Jira projects
  • Delete data from the host application
  • Write data to the host application


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