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Easily schedule tasks and track time on your Bitbucket issues

Schedule Bitbucket issues with ease

Filter and search Bitbucket issues in HourStack and drag-and-drop them to your calendar or your teammate's schedule.

Track the time you spend on Bitbucket issues

Use built-in timers to track how long you spend working on Bitbucket issues, all from within HourStack's simple calendar view.

Use report data to become more efficient

Generate reports that compare estimated time against actual logged time spent on Bitbucket issues, then easily export in multiple formats to fit your needs.

More details

The HourStack + Bitbucket integration gives your team the ability to schedule tasks and to track time on issues they’re already working on in Bitbucket. This means they can stop jumping back and forth between applications, stay focused, and avoid task duplication issues.

By connecting Bitbucket and HourStack, you’ll be able to work on multiple tasks with different sources all within the same application. When you drag-and-drop one of your Bitbucket issues into HourStack, you’ll maintain consistent data with your notes, status, priority, and other important information carried over. Once you've finished with the issue, mark it "complete" and both HourStack and Bitbucket will reflect the change.

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