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Change the color of transition buttons in Jira issues

Add colors to Jira transition buttons

Replace the grey-in-grey transition buttons in Jira by colored buttons. See at first glance when opening an issue where the transitions are going.

Transitions show up in same colors than status

The colors of the transition buttons represent the category of their target status. The same category colors are used you know from the workflows, either dark blue for open, blue for in progress or green for done.

See at first glance where transitions are leading

The transition buttons are displayed in different colors based on their target status. If they lead to an open-status they are displayed in dark blue, blue if they go to an in-progress status and green for a done status.

More details

Transition Colors for Jira changes the frontend appearance of your Jira issues. Normally, the transition buttons showing the available workflow transitions in an issue are displayed all in grey. With this app they can be displayed in color based on the following concept:

  • Dark blue: The respective transition is leading to a workflow status of category open
  • Blue: This transition goes to an "in progress" workflow status
  • Green: The target status of the transition has the category "done/resolved"

The app uses the same status category concept as Jira workflows. After installation and licensing of the app the transition buttons will appear in color immediately in single issues view and issue navigator.

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Colored transition buttons in Jira issues