Alert Catcher - Jira integration with Zabbix SIEM

for Jira Server 7.0.6 - 9.7.2, Jira Data Center 7.0.6 - 9.7.2 and more
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Connect your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) with Jira. Support connection with McAfee, Zabbix, Paessler PRTG

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​Manage connections with 3rd-party systems

After creating new connection, Alert Catcher creates endpoint for creating incidents. Instead of Jira REST API, for creating/updating incidents you can use alert id from the 3-rd party system unlike from Jira issue key.

Set API token for every connection

You don't need to use Bearer auth for creating incidents(like in Jira REST API). Alert Catcher creates API token for every connection.

Manage rules

Rules allow you to work with incident's "triggers".

More details

Alert Catcher is plugin for Jira to manage alerts from 3rd-party systems.

The key features of plugin:

  • Custom endpoint for creating and updating incidents. For updating incidents you can use alert id instead of Jira issue key.
  • Ability to group incidents by rule and create mass incidents.
  • Custom restrictions for creating and updating incidents.

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Alert Catcher is a plugin for Jira that two-way integration with Zabbix SIEM, allowing you to aggregate, сategorize, and prioritize alerts from any part of your IT environment.