Slack Integration for Jira

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Make Jira faster and delightful to use by bringing the power of Jira to Slack

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Bidirectional updates between Slack and Jira

One click to start a discussion about the issue that will actively sync Slack thread with Jira and vice versa. Troopr will automatically unfurl any issue mentioned by the issue key or URL in Slack.

Create Issues your way in Slack

Create Jira issues easily by clicking a button or by dropping an emoji on the Slack message. Convert multiple Slack messages in a conversation to one Jira issue by using the multi-message action feature.

Noise free notifications in Slack

Zero-spam guaranteed. Choose to receive exactly one summary message irrespective of volume of activity in Slack. Troopr delivers noise free notification with granular filtering, grouping & pagination.

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Agile teams around the world including teams at Netflix, Spotify, Starbucks, Grammarly, Yahoo and Snowflake are choosing Jira Slack Integration by Troopr to save 130 hours on average per employee in their teams.

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Automatic unfurling in Slack