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Sort issues on Scrum or Kanban boards by priority, date, label or any other field or combination of fields

Fast and Simple Issue Sorting

Quickly sort issues on Scrum and Kanban boards by any field. Sorting can be scoped to the backlog, open sprits, future sprints, or the entire board. You can still use drag-and-drop to override the resulting sort order.

Backlog Prioritization Made Easy

Prepare the backlog for the next sprint by easily sorting issues by your chosen prioritization field, for example, Story Points, WSJF, Story Points, Priority, or any other. You can override the resulting sort order

Easy and Flexible Configuration

You can easily modify the order-by clause from, for example, 'order by priority to 'order by "Story Points." You can also choose the sort order – ascending ("asc") or descending ("desc"), as well as the scope

More details

Need to prepare your backlog for the next sprint by prioritizing issues with more business value? Or perhaps by the due date in descending order? The plugin helps you sort your scrum or Kanban board by any field (or combination of fields) in seconds, saving you from having to arrange issues manually. Sorting can be scoped to the backlog, active sprints, future sprints, or the entire board.

Tired of getting the infamous "Ranking is disabled, as the Filter Query for this board is not ordered by ascending Rank" error?

Sort-by-any-field for Jira enables teams to quickly:

  • sort issues in scrum backlogs and sprints
  • sort issues on Kanban boards
  • sort by common fields, such as priority, date changed or date created
  • define complex sorting logic by writing custom order-by clauses, for example ‘sort by priority and due date’
  • use drag-and-drop to override the sort order manually


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