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Essential work quality metrics at a glance. Visualise, track and improve quality in any organisation

Streamline throughput and prevent problems

More hand offs means more work in progress, less focussed teams and more opportunities for quality issues to arise. Quickly detect and investigate workflow transition thrashing, a lead indicator for output quality.

Measure defects and drive a culture of quality

Re-work creates time consuming and costly distractions. Immediately see what proportion of issues re-open over time, giving your teams visibility of where they need to improve.

Gain insights across projects, past and present

See how your business is tracking holistically, or drill down in to individual projects. Monitor trends over time to detect problems early. Our apps leverage your historical data so there is no need to wait for results.

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Develop a culture of quality by keeping quality front of mind throughout the project life cycle.

  • Quickly report on quality metrics
    • Average transitions per issue: When this metric deviates from the norm quality may be suffering. Too few transitions could indicate work is being rushed through the workflow without the proper controls. Too many might be a sign of upstream quality issues on work in progress.
    • Issue reopens vs Issue resolutions: A declining re-open ratio shows work quality is improving, while a persistent upward trend shows low quality work is escaping the pipeline unchecked.
  • Visually track trends over time

    Quickly spot patterns in your data, then drill down by time period and project to investigate.

  • Insights for any industry

    From manufacturing, software development and marketing right through to support desk projects. Quality metrics for Jira is suitable for any organisation looking to improve quality.

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Quickly detect and investigate workflow transition thrashing, a lead indicator for output quality.