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Jet analyzes each team’s ability to collaborate and manage work across teams

Jet: Agile at Scale Analysis for Jira

Jet is a tool for examining your team's use of Jira to ensure you're ready to scale your agile practices.

Jet: Agile at Scale Readiness Assessment

Jet analyzes each team’s ability to collaborate and manage work across teams.

Analyze up to 20 Jira Boards

Jet is a tool for examining and optimizing your boards in Jira.

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Running this analysis will help your agile teams and programs prepare for scaled agile by highlighting the areas that need remediation to provide consistent reporting across teams while helping to drive outcomes across your organization.

Jet ensures you’re ready to:

  • Tie work being done to the strategic objectives of your organization
  • Highlight which stories are not tied to Epics
  • Provide real and accurate visibility into the progress of work
  • See which stories are missing story points, potentially leading to inaccurate progress estimation
  • View which epics are missing versions, making it difficult to assign a release timeframe
  • Ensure only one project is assigned to a Jira board, and that a single sprint is tied to one board - making team level progress easier to measure.
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