API Token Authentication Jira -Increased connection security

for Jira Server 8.12.0 - 9.17.1, Jira Data Center 8.12.0 - 9.17.1 and more
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Increase security for Jira REST API data connections from external services with API Tokens instead of username & passwords

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Make your SSO environments better with API tokens

In SAML SSO environments, users often have no local passwords anymore. This makes connecting external scripts, services and apps difficult. With API tokens (Personal Access Token) users can now access 3rd party apps.

Permissions Model & Token Scoping

Group Based Permissions for tokens:



-Create on-behalf-of


Scoping applicable to individual tokens:

-Read & Write edits issues & tickets

-Read-only creates reports, dashboards, notifications & more

Practical Token Management

The token manager allows you to:



-Create on behalf of

-Audit Logging

Free PoC & configuration support - schedule a session

More details

API Token Auth brings Personal Access Token function to Jira.

Allow API tokens as a secure way of integrating Jira with custom scripts & 3rd-party apps ( Zapier, MS Flow, automate.io etc).

Give admins precise control over the API usage & solve the issue in SSO environments where users can’t use the API due to a lack of passwords.


  • Create Tokens per user & services
  • Revoke API Tokens anytime
  • Token Manager to filter/create tokens for all users
  • Permissions for who (users or groups) may create tokens & what scope (read or read & write)
  • Audit Logging
  • Restrict REST API requests by IP address & range
  • Disallow built-in basic authentication w/ username & pw for REST API connections
  • Works in all SSO environments
  • Compatible with user mgmt apps: SAML Single Sign-On, User Directory Sync, User Deactivator

We provide:

  • Business-class support & proven scalability for small & large enterprises
  • Trusted by top healthcare, government & finance firms

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As a user, you can simply create a REST API Token & give it a recognizable name that describes the purpose of this Token.