Page Links Validator/Converter

for Confluence Server 6.0.1 - 8.7.2 and more
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Generates report on absolute web links to Confluence pages in a space and helps convert them to relative page urls

Convert space Web links to Page links

Use 'Links Replacer' space tools menu to generate report on all the links in the space that are set to other Pages as absolute Web links.

Auto-convert the links to Page links in one click.

Links panel/dialog to see page Web links

Use links panel to see number of Web links on page. Press 'A' on keyboard to open dialog with list of absolute Web links on current page.

See report on converted links

See the results report on converted links from absolute web format to Confluence relative page link format.

More details

Links to pages within Confluence site are relative, which means that you can move pages and rename pages without breaking links.

But if links to pages within Confluence are set as absolute Web links, they are treated as external link:

  • They cannot be used as Incoming/Outgoing links
  • If page is moved or renamed – links will be broken

Plugin adds Space tools ‘Links Replacer’ menu where you can generate list of links inside space that are set to other Confluence pages as absolute Web links.

You can further convert links to the correct relative link to page format in one click on ‘Replace Links’ button.

Links icon is present on every page to show number of absolute Web links on page. Click icon or press ‘A’ on keyboard to open the dialog menu with list of these links.

Note: Please perform links replacement on test data first to make sure all is correct, as manually set links can be tricky and of many formats.

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